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ViewTube is an application created to manage YouTube playlists easily from your desktop. Watching youtube playlists right from your desktop, keep track of time-data, mark videos watched (auto), and resume partially watched videos.

For example, when you start watching a sequential playlist with episodes (ep. 1, 2, 3 …), and stop at episode 4, after watching six minutes, would you remember it? Do you rely on the YouTube history? Simply add your playlist to this application and start watching. When you finish the first video, the next video in the YouTube playlist is automatically loaded. Resume watching, and the last position in the last video is loaded automatically!

Code on GitHub

Weather App: Prototype

Created a prototype for a weather application, soon to be developed into a fully-fledged front-end application using React JS.

The prototype was created using Figma online

Connect 4

Classic Connect 4 game written in Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS3 for animations and styling. Each player gets to enter their name for pseudo-points assigned to their name. Scores are stored for the user's session.

Code on GitHub

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